A.M. Online Dec 15, 2023


Dec 15 – 22 2023 3 – 10 Teves 5784
Rabbi: Alan M. Abramson



Candle Lighting time
Fri Dec 15, 4:00

Schedule of Davening:

FRIDAY Dec 15th

Shacharis 6:45 at Shul

Mincha 4:00 at shul
CLT 4:00

Shabbos Schedule

SHABBOS Dec 16th

Shacharis 7 & 8:45 at Shul

Mincha 4:00 at shul

Maariv 5:00 in shul

SUNDAY Dec 17th

Shacharis 8:00 at Shul

Mincha 4:00

Maariv 4:30

MONDAY Dec 18th

Shacharis 6:45 at shul

Mincha 4:00

Maariv 4:30

TUESDAY Dec 19th

Shacharis 7:00 at shul

Mincha 4:00

Maariv 4:30


Shacharis 7:00 at shul

Mincha 4:00

Maariv 4:30


Shacharis 6:45 at Shul

Mincha 4:00

Maariv 4:30

FRIDAY Dec 22nd

Shacharis 6:30 at Shul

Mincha 4:00 at shul
CLT 4:03

Shabbos Schedule

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¨From the Rabbi’s Study¨

In honor of the Senate hearing last week on anti-semitism in the college system I hereby resubmit my column from Parshas Lech Lecha. 

As a native Bostonian I grew up in the shadow of Harvard, Brandeis, MIT, Boston University, Boston College, and Northeastern. We used to look forward to the Beanpot Hockey Tournament, which is always a sell out at Boston Garden. We skipped school to spend a day at the Harvard COOP and browse the aisles of books, posters, records, and preppy clothes. We rode the red line to Harvard Square and nonchalantly walked the sacred grounds of Charles William Elliot and John Fitzerald Kennedy. My two uncles attended Harvard and my aunt went to Radcliffe College during the quota days of the 20’s and 30’s and were easily recognizable by the Brahmins as the poor (and overly smart) Jews from Roxbury. But Cambridge was the place to be. Future Presidents, Supreme Court Judges, CEO’s and the movers and shakers of the country and world diplomacy all walked these hallowed halls. The great American dream for a young Jewish high school senior was to be accepted and attend any one of the Ivy League’s or at least the second tier of the 50 best Colleges in America.

That dream today is now a nightmare. The Campus has become a bastion of radical antisemitism under the guise of so-called Palestinian rights. They mask their hatred of Jews and even now are unable to condemn pure evil because it does not fit their agenda. The Antisemitism of the quota filled admission departments and the Brahmin tradition has been replaced by an evil core of those who hide behind a supposed progressive agenda. The kosher dining hall at Cornell is a danger zone. And make no mistake about it. This animosity is not limited to the east coast universities. I recall visiting University of California Berkeley over a decade ago with the late great Rav Gedaliah Dov Schwartz while we were in the Bay area for a series of shiurim that the Av Beth Din delivered in Palo Alto San Francisco and Oakland. There was a sign on the highway, and we decided to make a short detour to see this venerable institution. On entering the campus, we were immediately greeted by a myriad of signs broadcasting “Free Palestine.” Needless to say, I made a quick U-turn and went straight to the airport three hours earlier than originally planned.

So, to all of you seniors and juniors. Save your money on expensive college admission coaches, reduce the stress of the college application safari, and go to YU, Touro, a Seminary or Yeshiva that offers a credit transfer program. Become a lawyer, a doctor, a plumber. Electrician, an engineer, computer scientist researcher, and win a Nobel prize. You need not however attend the secular universities that may induce you into a slumber towards assimilation and victimization.

Avrohom experienced many trials and tribulations culminating in the Akedah Yitzcok in this week’s Parsha. We need not test ourselves in this same manner.

Am Yisroel Chai
Good Shabbos
Rabbi A. M. Abramson

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