Greetings O-Motelers!

With great happiness I would like to provide you with our schedule this Purim!

Of course I have to do this since I made a BOOBOO on the calendar, and would hate to have you all coming late to shul BECAUSE OF ME!!!

That being said….HERE IS THE SCHEDULE!!

Wednesday morning, Taanis Esther we will be davening shacharis at 6:30

Wednesday evening Mincha will be at 6:30, followed by Maariv at 7:00. Megilla reading will be 7:15.

PURIM MORNING, Thursday shacharis will be at 6:30 with Megilla at 7:00. Please be prompt as the reading will be at a brisk pace.

We wish you all a very Freilichen Purim…..be happy, be healthy and most of all