A.M. Online June 26, 2020


June 26 – July 3 2020 4 – 11 Tamuz 5780
Rabbi: Alan M. Abramson


We opened our shul last Shabbos for shacharis and had a nice minyan…very encouraging. We are looking after the 4
th of July to do Friday night, Shabbos afternoon and weekday minyanim if we get commitments for attendance. We are operating in accordance with the CRC guidelines which you must review….click HERE for the letter. Masks and gloves are required as well as social distancing.
Please email the shul if you wish to attend at

Candle Lighting time
Fri June 26, 8:10

Schedule of Davening:

FRIDAY June 26th

Shacharis 7:00/8:30

Mincha 8:00
CLT 8:10

Maariv 8:30

SHABBOS June 28th

Shacharis 9AM
at Shul

Mincha 8:00

Maariv 9:00

SUNDAY June 29th

Shacharis 8:00

Mincha 8:00

Maariv 8:30

MONDAY June 30th

Shacharis 6:45/8:30

Mincha 8:00

Maariv 8:30

TUESDAY June 31st

Shacharis 7:00/8:30

Mincha 8:00

Maariv 8:30


Shacharis 7:00/8:30

Mincha 8:00

Maariv 8:30


Shacharis 6:45/8:30

Mincha 8:00

Maariv 8:30

FRIDAY July 3rd

Shacharis 7:00/8:30

Mincha 8:00
CLT 8:10

Maariv 8:30


Shabbos’ Women’s Tehillim: Please join together “virtually” this Shabbos afternoon, 6:00 to recite Tehillim. It is more important now than ever that our community comes together for this all important service. May HKB”H answer our tefillos speedily.

Please do not reply to this email, the address is not monitored.

¨From the Rabbi’s Study¨

Ethics of the Fathers tells us that the rebellion of Korach was a classic example of a rebellion not for Heaven’s sake but a completely selfish act of wickedness. The recent demonstrations against police and the advocacy of “defunding of the police” is an example of selfish and egotistical rhetoric and not about real reform. The looting of stores has nothing to do with alleged police brutality but rather acts of greed and evil. This is the lesson that Pikei Avot wishes to teach us about Korach. We are to reinforce these lessons in our communities and stand up for the “sake of heaven”.

Good Shabbos
Rabbi A. M. Abramson

To all those who are not well as well as those worldwide with this virus. We mention their names at each Torah reading and think about them in our private tefillos. Let Hashem hear our tefillos on their behalves, and all have a speedy recovery. If there is a choleh that needs a misheberach, please email their name to anshemotele@sbcglobal.net .
Since we are not at shul with Torah readings, in your private shmone esrai, you can include in the “Refaeinu” paragraph a special tefilla for the cholim that you have in mind.

Members Corner:

Happy 40th Anniversary to: Anne and Eddie Galster, June 29


GRADUATES 2020 UPDATED: Please join us in honoring our Motele family graduates for 2020:

Hubscher-Galster Family:
Zev Zvi Popel 12th grade. HTC..Fassman Yeshiva High School

Shalva Chana Hubscher 12th grade, Efrat
Nechama Esther (Chumi) Galster 8th grade Joan Dachs Bais Yaakov

Maayan Hodaya Hubscher. 8th grade, Efrat

Eliyahu Dovid Zalman Galster, Pre 1A, Veitzner Cheder.
Davidi Raccah- K

Tova Karan- K-4

Bracha Leah Galster K-4

Mordechai Galster is graduating from pre-nursery

Fleischer Family:

Hodiya Fleischer is graduating from high school..Israel

Eliraz Fleischer is graduating from grammar school..Israel

Deana Simon:

Chanah Czarka Cohen passed her LCSW NY licensing exam

Platt Family:

Beverly Chalouh – kindergarten

Silver Family:

Isaac – graduated Temple University

Aryeh – graduated Lane Tech College Prep High School

Eitan – graduated Lane Tech College Prep High School

Matten Family:

Sophia M0 Sackler Medical School, Israel

Mary Mattout bachelors University of Georgia
Wortman Family:
Josef Ida crown senior

Jakob Hillel Torah eighth grade

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Orthodox Union http://oukosher.org
Link to Likutei Pshatim http://www.htc.edu/services/likutei-peshatim.html
Shabbat Shalom

Congregation Anshe Motele
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Chicago, IL 60645
Ph: 773-743-2420
Please do not reply to this email, the address is not monitored.

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