A.M. Online April 1, 2022


April 1 – 8 2022 29 Adar 2 – 7 Nissan 5782
Rabbi: Alan M. Abramson


Masks are NO LONGER REQUIRED in our shul, they are optional for those who still wish to use them. Please con
tinue to keep social distancing during davening time. There will be no kiddushim yet, but as the numbers of Covid cases reduce we will review this policy.
Please be smart and safe!

Candle Lighting time
Fri April 1, 6:57

Schedule of Davening:

FRIDAY April 1st

Shacharis 7:00 at Shul

Mincha 7:00 at shul
CLT 6:57

Shabbos Schedule

SHABBOS April 2nd

Shacharis 7 & 8:45 at Shul

Mincha 7:00 at shul

Maariv 7:55 at shul

SUNDAY April 3rd

Shacharis 8:00 at shul

Mincha 7:00

Maariv 7:30

MONDAY April 4th

Shacharis 6:45 at Shul

Mincha 7:00

Maariv 7:30

TUESDAY April 5th

Shacharis 7:00 at Shul

Mincha 7:00

Maariv 7:30


Shacharis 7:00 at shul

Mincha 7:00

Maariv 7:30

THURSDAY April 7th

Shacharis 6:45 at shul

Mincha 7:00

Maariv 7:30

FRIDAY April 8th

Shacharis 7:00 at Shul

Mincha 7:00 at shul
CLT 7:04

Shabbos Schedule


Shabbos’ Women’s Tehillim: Please join together “virtually” this Shabbos afternoon, 4:00 to recite Tehillim. It is more important now than ever that our community comes together for this all important service. May HKB”H answer our tefillos speedily.

Please do not reply to this email, the address is not monitored.

¨From the Rabbi’s Study¨

Ukraine/Russia. Terrorism in Israel. Soaring crime rate.

Yet the major front page news story centers on Oscar winning actor Will Smith punching the entertainer Chris Rock live on stage at last week’s Oscar Awards Ceremony. The altercation was precipitated by Mr. Rock’s attempt at a lame joke directed at Will Smith’s wife’s baldness. The baldness is due to a condition called alopecia. Mr. Smith took exception to the comedic insult and sought physical vengeance The Washington Post reported that officials at the Motion picture Academy asked Mr. Smith to leave the room but he refused and ironically walked the stage again after winning an Oscar later that evening for best actor.

This week’s parsha highlights the physical/spiritual disease known as Tzaraas. The antidote was quarantine followed by teshuva. The Torah emphasizes the need for spiritual perfection to combat a disease caused by Loshen Harah and other such infractions. We as Torah readers and religious Jews understand that the whole body requires both physical and spiritual holiness. One without the other is an incomplete entity.
The comedy of insult is so much part of the fabric of society that we don’t even realize the nastiness and danger inherent in the routine. The ease to reply with violence has also become part of our society. It is time for a new quarantine to respect one another and rid ourselves of the spiritual malaise affecting our everyday lives.
Good Shabbos,
Rabbi A. M. Abramson

To all those who are not well. Let Hashem hear our tefillos on their behalves, and all have a speedy recovery. If there is a choleh that needs a misheberach, please email their name to anshemotele@sbcglobal.net .

PESACH: Check your calendars….that’s right….Pesach is near! Cleaning, shopping, packing, checking, selling, purging. Whatever modality of preparation is yours, this is the time we all do it!
April 14
th , Thursday evening is checking time. BEDIKAS CHAMETZ.
April 15
th, Friday Erev Pesach we fill have a siyum bechor at the shul following the 7am shacharis minyan.
10:13 AM, last time to eat chametz
11:32AM, deadline to burn your chametz

SELLING YOUR CHAMETZ: Starting this Sunday AM, April 3, the Rabbi will be available after minyan to facilitate selling your chametz. If you are unable to see the Rabbi in person, you can use our CHAMETZ PROXY SALE FORM link HERE.
Please follow the timelines on the form to avoid a possible problem of owning chametz on Pesach.

Members Corner:

Happy Birthday to: Nathan Bernstein April 1
Happy Anniversary to: Alan and Brenda Halpert, April 2
Happy Birthday to: Laura Smerling, April 4
Happy Birthday to: Sophia Matten, April 5

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Shabbat Shalom

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