A.M. Online March 27, 2020


March 27 – April 3 2020 2 – 9 Nissan 5780
Rabbi: Alan M. Abramson


Do to the COVID-19 virus, our shul remains temporarily closed until further notice as per the CDC guidelines. When you daven, please try to do so at our published times so we can all daven as a unit. All other shul functions are suspended.
The virus was discovered in our community so please take appropriate steps and follow all the safety guidelines to protect you and not to allow the spread of this virus.

Candle Lighting time
Fri March 27, 6:52

Schedule of Davening:

FRIDAY March 27th

Shacharis 7:00/8:30

Mincha 7:00
CLT 6:52

Shabbos Schedule

SHABBOS March 28th

Shacharis 7:00/8:45

Class 6:15
Mincha 7:00

Maariv 7:55

SUNDAY March 29th

Shacharis 8:00

Mincha 7:00

Maariv 7:30

MONDAY March 30th

Shacharis 6:45/8:30

Mincha 7:00

Maariv 7:30

TUESDAY March 31st

Shacharis 7:00/8:30

Mincha 7:00

Maariv 7:30


Shacharis 7:00/8:30

Mincha 7:00

Maariv 7:30

THURSDAY April 2nd

Shacharis 6:45/8:30

Mincha 7:00

Maariv 7:30

FRIDAY April 3rd

Shacharis 7:00/8:30

Mincha 7:00
CLT 7:00

Shabbos Schedule

Please do not reply to this email, the address is not monitored.

To all those who are not well as well as those worldwide with this virus. We mention their names at each Torah reading. Let Hashem hear our tefillos on their behalves, and all have a speedy recovery. If there is a choleh that needs a misheberach, please email their name to anshemotele@sbcglobal.net .
Members Corner:

Happy Birthday to: Jan Mishkin and Rafi Chalouh, March 27
Baruch Dayan Haemes: Our condolences go to Eddie Galster and family on the passing of his father. Shivah calls thru Wed AM are to be by phone 773-262-6283, face time, text or call 847-778-1532, email thegalsters@sbcglobal.net NO PERSONAL VISITS

CALENDAR OF EVENTS: Please link to our MARCH calendars right here.

SELLING CHAMETZ/ PESACH: There will be 2 methods for selling your Chametz this year.
The first is through the web. Click this link
https://tinyurl.com/motelemechira and fill out.
OR use the form at the bottom of this page.


Chicago Rabbinical Council: http://www.crcweb.org/
Orthodox Union http://oukosher.org
Link to Likutei Pshatim http://www.htc.edu/services/likutei-peshatim.html
Shabbat Shalom

Congregation Anshe Motele
6520 N. California
Chicago, IL 60645
Ph: 773-743-2420
Please do not reply to this email, the address is not monitored.

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Rabbi Abramson must receive this no later than
Monday morning April 6th, 2020

Mail this form to:
Rabbi Abramson, 6757 N. Whipple Av., Chicago, IL 60645
OR email the form to rabbiabramson18@gmail.com

Proxy Authorization for the Sale of Chametz Pesach, 5780

I (we), the undersigned, empower and permit Rabbi Alan M. Abramson to act in my (our) place and stead, and in my (our) behalf to sell all Chametz (leaven) and all products containing even the smallest percentage of Chametz possessed by me (us) knowingly or unknowingly as defined by the Torah and Rabbinic law, and to lease all places wherein the above mentioned products owned by me (us) may be found, especially in premises located at:

of Individual or Family

Exact location of Chametz
(street address, apartment or suite, city, state, zip, country, or specific location within an address)

Time Zone:
Eastern, Central, Pacific, Israel or Other: (Specify)

Chametz at Home

Chametz at Work

Other Chamtez

Other Chametz

Your location when Pesach begins:

Your location when Pesach ends:

Rabbi Alan M. Abramson has the full right to sell and to lease the above items by such transactions, as he deems fit and proper, for such time as he chooses. The authority that is hereby given is meant to be in conformity with Jewish Law and Regulations, and also to be in accordance with the Laws of the State of Illinois and of the United States of America.

Signature (s)