A.M. Online June 7, 2024


June 7 – 14 2024 1 – 8 Sivan 5784
Rabbi: Alan M. Abramson



Candle Lighting time
Fri June 7, 8:04
Tues June 11, 8:07
Wed June 12, 9:17

Schedule of Davening:

FRIDAY June 7th


Shacharis 6:45 at Shul

Mincha 8:00 at shul
CLT 8:04

Shabbos Schedule
Count Sefira Day 46

SHABBOS June 8th

Shacharis 7 & 8:45 at Shul

Mincha 8:00 at shul

Maariv 8:55 in shul
Count Sefira Day 47

SUNDAY June 9th

Shacharis 8:00 at Shul

Mincha 8:00

Maariv 8:30
Count Sefira Day 48

MONDAY June 10th

Shacharis 8:00 at shul

Mincha 8:00

Maariv 8:30
Count Sefira Day 49

TUESDAY June 11th

Shacharis 7:00 at shul

Mincha 8:00 at shul
CLT 8:07

Maariv 8:35 at shul


Shacharis 7 & 8:45 at Shul

Mincha 8:00 at shul

Maariv 8:45 at shul
CLT 9:17

THURSDAY June 13th

Shacharis 7 & 8:45 at Shul

Mincha 8:00 at shul

Maariv 9:00 at shul

FRIDAY June 14th

Shacharis 7:00 at Shul

Mincha 8:00 at shul
CLT 8:08

Shabbos Schedule

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¨From the Rabbi’s Study¨

The people of the Book

I remember as a young boy growing up in a mixed neighborhood in Boston while browsing at the local library being approached by a friend on the block who was from an Italian family. He too was interested in reading (more so than I) and made a comment which resonated with me ever since. His parents would push him to read and told him be as studious as the Jewish kids on the block who go to the library not just to do homework. This young man grew up to be a noted physician in the Boston area. Yet these words ring true to heart. As the recipients of the Torah at Mount Sinai we have been forever faithful to the study practice and dissemination of our tradition ever since. Our lifeline and heritage depend on the Torah and by extension our identity as a people require an everlasting loyalty to its traditions. Let us therefore resolve this Shavous to continue studying, reading, and practicing the very essence of our heritage.

Good Yom Tov
Rabbi A. M. Abramson

To all those who are not well. Let Hashem hear our tefillos on their behalves, and all have a speedy recovery. If there is a choleh that needs a misheberach, please email their name to anshemotele@anshemotele.org

Members Corner:

Happy Anniversary to: Rabbi and Rebbetzin Abramson June 8
Happy Birthday to: Lois Zelden June 10

CALENDAR OF EVENTS: Please link to our JUNE calendars right here.

GRADUATION KIDDUSH: our annual Graduation Kiddush this Shabbos is where we honor all of the graduates in our Anshe Motele family.

2024 Anshe Motele Graduates

Abramson: Yaakov Yosef Taller Slobodka Yeshiva High School Israel

Fleischer: Eliraz Fleischer High School Israel
Pnina Fleischer Elementary school Israel

Galster: Nechama Esther Galster BYHS
Ruchele Galster JDBY
Daniel Raccah Arie Crown Hebrew Day School

Hellman Aryeh Arie Crown Hebrew Day School

Hubscher Nechama Esther Galster BYHS
Ruchele Galster JDBY
Chumie Galster BYHS
Maayan Hubscher High School Israel
Hallel Hubscher Elementary School Israel
Maayan Hubscher 12
th Grade Ulpanat Kiryat Arba

Matten: Adina Matten Aberman Touro University – Nursing
Shmuel Aberman Bachelor’s degree

Platt: Miri Platt Elementary School Far Rockaway
Joyce Chalouh Kindergarten Brooklyn
Wortman: Jakob Ida Crown Jewish Academy

KIDDUSH: this Shabbos is sponsored by the families of our graduates.
A hearty yasher koach to Michael Kirshner at Starr Kosher Catering for supplementing our shabbos kiddushim each week.
If you would like to sponsor a shabbos kiddush in memory of, honor of, or for a simcha, contact us via email anshemotele@anshemotele.org. In the body of the email please include the week you would like, reason for kiddush and your name with phone number. We will contact you back with options, prices and available dates.

KIDDUSH FUND: .Please click HERE to help us continue this important event, or contact us via anshemotele@anshemotele.org with your pledges. You count on us as a shul and we count on you as our members. Thank you.
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Orthodox Union http://oukosher.org
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Shabbat Shalom

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